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How to Ace the Interview Question "Tell me about yourself."

Posted by Momentum Search Partners on Tue, Feb 24, 2015

We agree with the author of the following article that starting an interview with "so, tell me about yourself" is a lazy approach, but lawyers who are interviewing seem particularly inclined to start off with this question.  The key to answering this question is exactly as the author states:  Keep your answer under two minutes and tailor your answer to the job at hand!  (Whatever you do, don't drone on and on about yourself, or start talking about your early or personal life.)  

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Paralegal/Legal Assistant demand remains strong

Posted by Momentum Search Partners on Sun, Feb 22, 2015

Despite the downturn in the energy sector, we're continuing to see strong hiring in banking and financial services, the real estate industry, and with law firms.  This week in particular was the week of the paralegal.  Please forward the following  to any legal assistants/paralegals you might know who are looking in Austin or in Fort Worth! 

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Learn how to negotiate your compensation

Posted by Momentum Search Partners on Mon, Feb 09, 2015

We get more questions/requests for compensation information from both clients and candidates than just about anything else.   For that reason, we thought that the following webinar, which is being hosted tomorrow by the American Bar Association, might be of interest to many of you.   It can never hurt to get a refresher on how to maximize your chances of negotiating better compensation! 

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