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Enthusiastic Job Seekers Sought

Posted by Mary Alice Kuykendall on Tue, Jul 30, 2019


Showing Enthusiasm in Your Job Search and Interviews Helps Land You the Job

ENTHUSIASM (noun) - a great eagerness to be involved in a particular activity that you like and enjoy or that you think is important.  Intense and eager enjoyment; interest.


Rejected for a job? Sometimes we hear "she lacked passion," "too quiet," "didn't see his personality," "didn't seem interested in the job".

While demonstrating enthusiasm isn't the only predictor of a great job candidate, hiring managers reference this trait repeatedly in their interview feedback. To succeed in your next job interview, you need to convey interest and figure out how to convey what matters most to you. Here's how:

Start With Your Why:

  • Instead of telling hiring managers what you've done, begin by explaining your motivations - why you chose that activity - and the impact of your work. 

Discuss Where You Invest Extra Time:

  • For most positions, a suitable candidate is expected to be smart, work hard and get results. An exceptional candidate tells interviewers about when and where they went above and beyond.

Share Your Hobbies:

  • When you're passionate about sometime, it tends to spill over into other aspects of your life.

Talk About Where You've Worked For Free:

  • Passion and belief can lead you to work on something even when it's not part of your job. Share volunteer organizations and explain why they're important and enriching to you. 

Ask questions:

  • Try asking open-ended questions based on what you learned in the interview.  This keeps the conversation going, shows you were paying attention and retained information and you're interested in learning more and sharing more.

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