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Interviewing Tips for Texas Lawyers seeking new Jobs: Establish Trust, then Competence

Posted by Momentum Legal on Tue, Jul 19, 2016

momentum-legal-texas-legal-law-jobs-interview.jpgIn this article, Harvard Psychologist Amy Cuddy says that her research indicates that when meeting people for the first time, we quickly make a decision about whether:

1) this person is trustworthy and

2) whether the person is competent. 

Surprisingly, the trust part of the equation is much more important than the competency component!  Lawyers would be well-advised to keep this in mind when interviewing. You first want to establish a rapport with the interviewer – by projecting warmth and likeability. Only after establishing this key factor should you try to impress with your competency. Especially for new or inexperienced attorneys, your resume alone will establish your competence (work ethic, intelligence, perseverance, etc.).  So the interview should be focused on establishing your trustworthiness!

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