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Posted by Momentum Search Partners on Thu, Dec 21, 2017

Wishing all clients, friends, and candidates the warmest of holidays and the brightest of new years.

We sincerely value and appreciate every one of you. Thank you for allowing us to partner with you in your hiring needs or job search!

Jane Pollard | Jennifer Nelson
Micah Hurt | Mary Alice Naiser Allison McCowan Cade Hamner
Nancy McClain Julee Prentice Tammy Torres

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Texas Legal Recruiters are Thankful!

Posted by Momentum Search Partners on Wed, Nov 22, 2017

In keeping with the season, we would like to thank our many clients and candidates for allowing us to thrive and grow in 2017. With eight recruiters and a presence in three Texas cities, Momentum remains committed to being a valuable resource to both legal employers and those seeking new employment in the legal industry. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU and Happy Thanksgiving! Our goal is to continue earning your trust and your business for many years to come.

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Posted by Momentum Search Partners on Mon, Nov 20, 2017

As Legal Recruiters with offices in Austin, Dallas, and Houston, we have always focused almost exclusively on Texas placements. As such, we are constantly recruiting top legal talent to the state and educating potential Texas attorneys, compliance professionals, and paralegals about the state. We thus found the following article in today’s Washington Post of particular interest: The Washington Post's "Five myths about Texas". We couldn’t agree more that four of these five statements are, indeed, myths. There is one, however, that we are not so sure about...

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Posted by Momentum Search Partners on Sat, Sep 16, 2017

Momentum was a proud sponsor of the educational seminar and legal expo held this week at the Stephen F. Austin hotel by the Austin Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators. Firm Administrators heard speakers on topics such as cybersecurity and privacy and compliance issues related to cybersecurity. This was the 19th annual conference held in Austin by the ALA, and presented a great opportunity for legal administrators to share ideas, network, and learn. The theme this year was Once Upon a Time, so of course Momentum recruiters went all out with the fairy-tale theme, complete with wings, wands, and fairy-tale dust.

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Posted by Momentum Search Partners on Fri, Aug 18, 2017

A huge new crop of students will be entering their first year of law school at schools across Texas in a couple of weeks.   While job opportunities and career paths accessible to Texas lawyers are boundless, learning as much as you can early on about the diverse career paths will make a significant difference in your future.  You need to dedicate the time, attention and commitment it deserves to educate yourself about the different areas of the law so that you may equip yourself with the knowledge necessary to make an informed choice as to your area of pursuit.  Take advantage of mentoring programs offered at your law school, talk to your professors, especially the adjuncts, who have practical experience in the “real world,” and talk to as many recent law graduates and practicing attorneys as you can to learn about the career paths they have chosen, and why.    

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Posted by Momentum Search Partners on Fri, Aug 04, 2017

Momentum is excited to announce that long-time legal recruiter Julee Prentice is joining our Houston team as Managing Director, Legal Staffing.  Julee will be focusing on legal staffing for law firms and companies in Houston, both on the business development and recruiting sides. With eighteen years of prior experience as a paralegal with some of Houston’s top law firms, plus seven years of prior legal recruiting experience, Julee brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our legal staffing business in Houston and will be heading up our efforts there.

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Five Benefits Young Associates Can Gain By Speaking With Legal Recruiters

Posted by Momentum Search Partners on Mon, Jul 10, 2017

As a legal recruiter, it goes without saying that my days are spent reaching out to candidates for potential placements at law firms and being met with a fair share of reluctance from those candidates when it comes to chatting about the opportunity being offered. However, I’ve found that the more junior the attorney or associate, the more hesitant they are to engage in conversation. And, I get it. Junior associates, especially those at large firms, have gotten where they are by keeping their heads down throughout their brief careers transitioning from academia to now practicing at a firm—and, hopefully in a field—for which they worked so hard to land. In law school, they got good grades, graduated in the top 5, 10, 15%, etc., made law review, Order of the Coif, and various honors, etc.  As new associates they follow instructions, meet their billable hours, and dare not think that the firm they’ve landed at might not be the right fit long-term. Further, why would an associate want to move after only a year or two, or maybe three or four, only to land at another firm that, in their mind, is likely very similar to their current firm in most respects. Lest their resume start to project the impression that they’re a “job hopper”.

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Posted by Momentum Search Partners on Tue, Jun 20, 2017

As Legal Recruiters helping attorneys through the hiring process, we are constantly coaching applicants on how they can best present themselves to potential employers during the interview process. The following article by CEO Dave Kerpen thus caught our eye. He talked with almost a dozen young entrepreneurs who are members of YEC, an invite-only organization comprised of the world’s most promising young entrepreneurs. Dave asked these CEOs and entrepreneurs what single most impressive interview questions applicants have asked (or that they wish applicants would ask). Here is the link to Dave’s article: In addition to encouraging lawyers to focus not on impressive questions but on important questions, we would like to offer the following advice for anyone interviewing in the legal profession. We agree with some, but not all of these questions, or we would modify them. For example, we do not think it’s a good idea to put the interviewer on the spot and ask directly “How can I make myself more like the ideal candidate?” Instead, simply ask “Can you please describe your ideal candidate for this position?” Then be sure and mention ways you are like that ideal candidate during the interview process.

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Momentum Legal Recruiters Ride For A Good Cause!

Posted by Momentum Legal on Tue, May 09, 2017

Legal recruiters at Momentum, Jane Pollard and Jennifer Nelson, rode the Hill Country Ride for Aids on Saturday, April 29th in order to raise funds for the Hill Country HIV/Aids Services in Austin.

More than 700 riders rode scenic routes from Krause Springs in the Hill Country, ranging from 13 to 90 miles. 

Not only was it a worthy cause that we were happy to support, but we had a great time!  And we were pleased to see many Austin attorneys supporting the same cause.

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How to Make the Interview Effective - Hiring the Right Attorney and Legal Staff

Posted by Momentum Legal on Mon, May 01, 2017

In our many years of legal recruiting, we have read dozens of articles about how to make the interview process work better - i.e. to effectively weed out the "wrong" people so that you are left with only the "right" one. 

This article is the best we've ever seen on this topic, and hits the mark on all pointsThe author, Adam Bryan, advises interviewers to avoid the standard job interview and get the candidate out of the interview room. 

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