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Recruiting Strategies to hire Attorneys in 2019

Posted by Momentum Search Partners on Mon, Feb 04, 2019

Looking to hire an attorney in 2019?  With the continued increasing demand for top legal talent across the state of Texas, companies and law firms alike need to step up their game throughout the recruitment process. Great candidates now have several opportunities in hand once they are looking to make a move, and your firm/company may not be under consideration if your process has been too protracted, you have not spent time courting the candidate or you have simply not put your best foot forward.  By thinking tactfully and creatively, you can differentiate yourself from others competing for the same top legal talent!

 Our recommended short list to improve your recruiting strategies:

  • Strategize and map out a recruitment plan.
  • Assemble the right team within your organization with the abilities to recruit: look for a positive & friendly attitude, effective communicators, relationship builders and decision makers.
  • Candidates want to meet their peers/colleagues.
  • Candidates want to meet high profile partners or company leaders.
  • Be decisive and act quickly. Make decisions efficiently and extend offers quickly before candidates have competing offers.
  • Consistently communicate with your recruiter as they are your trusted advisers who often know more about the candidate's goals, thoughts and plans than you do.
  • Do not be penny-wise and pound foolish when putting together your best offer - hit them with your BEST shot!

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