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Social Media and Your Job Search

Posted by Momentum Search Partners on Tue, Jan 22, 2019

Comprehensive network

Job seekers, employees and recruiters can get in touch with people of the same or similar background and extend their professional network with an aim to get noticed. Whether it’s Twitter, LinkedIn, or another platform, each one gives an opportunity to interact and grow your network.

Seek vacant jobs

Today, most law firms and companies use social media channels to advertise their available jobs. These platforms offer an opportunity for job seekers to create their professional profiles, upload their resumes and connect with people in the management, HR and recruitment team.

Be a subject matter expert

Portraying yourself as a subject matter expert is a great way to reach out to businesses, recruiters and employers who are looking out for such talent. When you start commenting on significant topics of an industry and share your views via blogs, posts, tweets, and more, you tend to establish yourself as knowledgeable in a subject area, possibly an expert. Contribute in group discussions, offering ideas and come forward as an easy to approach person, it will ultimately improve your visibility and chances of being called from a branded organization.

Personal Brand & industry focus

If social media can make your personal brand, it can harm it as well. Keeping this in mind, your social media pages may need a little housekeeping before you begin your search.  Consider the pointers to retain your dignity and professionalism on any social media platform:

Create posts that are appropriate and professional. There is no harm in expressing your personal views, but sometimes being too personal can dilute your personal brand.  Posts on your Facebook page should not also be on your LinkedIn page – different platforms with different purposes (one more personal & social and one more professional).

During your job search phase via social media, it’s wise to post on topics specific to your industry. This doesn’t mean you can never comment on other subjects, it only means you are focused on what social media activity can bring you the best results in terms of a job.

The wrap-up -

  1. Separate your personal and professional online visibility – puppy pictures on one and enhancing your professional image on the other.
  2. Market yourself - focus on sharing the skills and accomplishments that show you’re successful and well-qualified for your current job (and for future job, too).
  3. Establish your "brand" - show potential employers your depth of knowledge, focusing on topics and information related to your field.
  4. Expand your network - connect with people in your industry. For those of us in the legal field, look for new connections in legal to expand your network. You can follow/friend/connect with law related industry sites, law firms, legal news sites and legal industry career and job search experts.
  5. Connect with your target employers - some employers pay attention to who is following their social media profiles, so this can be a good, but quiet, way to bring yourself to the employer's attention.
  6. Stay active and visible in social networks - if you have time to be active in only one social network, LinkedIn is probably the one which will be most effective for professional social networking.

Bottom Line

Pay attention to social media to find jobs and to make yourself find-able for recruiters and other employers.  Good luck!Social Media image