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What’s In A Name? Titles for In-House Attorneys

Posted by Momentum Search Partners on Thu, Jul 25, 2013

As legal recruiters, we are often asked about appropriate titles for in-house lawyers by our corporate clients as well as by candidates interviewing for a corporate legal department position. They ask: “What should we call this new attorney we need to hire?” or ”Is the position title commensurate with the level and duties of the job?” Title choices and designations vary widely among various companies and all use different systems of nomenclature. What is important, however, is to choose one system and stick with it so that all titles within the department are consistent and related to one another in a uniform way. Candidates should consider a title as one of many factors in evaluating a potential job, but should not over-value a specific title. Some companies intentionally eschew lofty titles to minimize hierarchy and to maximize collaboration, which can be a positive for incoming lawyers, regardless of title.

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