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Posted by Momentum Search Partners on Fri, Aug 18, 2017

A huge new crop of students will be entering their first year of law school at schools across Texas in a couple of weeks.   While job opportunities and career paths accessible to Texas lawyers are boundless, learning as much as you can early on about the diverse career paths will make a significant difference in your future.  You need to dedicate the time, attention and commitment it deserves to educate yourself about the different areas of the law so that you may equip yourself with the knowledge necessary to make an informed choice as to your area of pursuit.  Take advantage of mentoring programs offered at your law school, talk to your professors, especially the adjuncts, who have practical experience in the “real world,” and talk to as many recent law graduates and practicing attorneys as you can to learn about the career paths they have chosen, and why.    

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In-House Corporate Attorneys needed in Austin for Momentum Clients

Posted by Momentum Legal on Thu, Sep 29, 2016

Momentum has been retained on an exclusive basis to help two different companies find transactional attorneys for their legal departments. 

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Momentum is Recruiting Litigation Attorneys for Austin Jobs

Posted by Momentum Legal on Thu, Aug 04, 2016

The demand from Texas law firms continues to be very strong for litigation associates and paralegals in Austin. 

We are currently working with several different law firms to help them find permanent associates of varying levels and varying litigation experience. 

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Posted by Momentum Legal on Tue, Apr 19, 2016

We were recently asked to make a presentation to managing partners of small law firms in Texas on best hiring practices.  In preparation for this seminar talk, we were reminded of the importance of RETAINING existing talent.

Hiring is just the start of building a team, once someone is found and trained, the law firm or legal department needs to know how to KEEP them!  
The costs of turnover are mostly hidden, but affect the bottom line of small law firms significantly.  

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Posted by Momentum Search Partners on Thu, Mar 17, 2016

We have two new openings in Houston for experienced lawyers. Please email  us at, referencing the position number indicated, if you're interested in hearing more about either of these positions.


Momentum has been engaged on an exclusive basis to help a publicly-held company hire an attorney to be the primary legal support for one of its major divisions. This attorney will handle transactions, draft and negotiate a wide variety of contracts, manage litigation, and  help management assess and minimize risk on a daily basis.

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Posted by Momentum Legal on Tue, Feb 09, 2016

Last week, we highlighted the positions we are working on in Austin. This week, we highlight our new Dallas openings.

The following law firms are both local or regional firms based in Dallas. As such, their associates have a better shot at making partner than at the mega-firms. Each of these firms has a storied past and significant presence in the Dallas market, as well as a long roster of Dallas-based clients.

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Momentum is proud to support the Texas Legal Non-profit Texas Appleseed!

Posted by Momentum Legal on Fri, Nov 20, 2015

The Austin recruiters for Momentum Search Partners attended Texas Appleseed's Good Apple Dinner at the downtown Austin Four Seasons last night. 

As a sponsor, Momentum hosted a table for ten, which was filled with some of our favorite lawyers in the Texas legal community. 

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Five Tips to a Great Resume

Posted by Momentum Legal on Tue, Sep 08, 2015
So many attorneys have writer's block when it comes to drafting their resume.  For formatting and section ideas, Momentum has some sample resumes under its "For Candidates" tab on its website.    For suggestions about content,  this article by Kitty Boitnott provides great advice on drafting your best resume possible.
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4 Interview Questions Texas Attorneys should ask when being Recruited

Posted by Momentum Legal on Thu, Jul 23, 2015

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Success Begets Success: How Law Firms Can Enhance Client Development

Posted by Momentum Search Partners on Thu, May 22, 2014

Competition in and among private law firms has never been greater, and the pressure on lawyers at all levels to develop new business is intense. Many law firms compete for the same business clients and being a talented lawyer with excellent legal skills is no longer enough. Today’s lawyers must have the ability to attract, retain and expand relationships with their clients, which is often easier said than done. Very few graduate from law school with business development training. Frequently, the pressure to bill sufficient hours during associates’ early years leaves little time and energy for client development efforts, especially when you’re not sure where or how to start.

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